Clean, fresh, and fully stocked for your event

While you're providing access to the most popular concerts and festivals, make sure your guests, volunteers and workers have ample access to portable toilets. With a variety of options ranging from standard porta potty units to hand wash stations or restroom trailers, you can trust Reliable Onsite Services to choose the right sanitary solutions for your event.Whether you're planning a small outdoor concert or a multiday festival, Reliable Onsite Services can help you decide which types of outdoor restrooms are ideal and how many you will need. Plus, we'll make sure your portable bathrooms are clean, fresh, fully stocked and meticulously maintained.

FAQs About Portable Restrooms

How many bathrooms do I need per person at an event?

  • We recommend that you have at least one bathroom for every 75 guests at a four-hour event and twice as many for an eight-hour event, such as a concert. If the event serves alcohol, we recommend you add 20% more restrooms. Keep in mind that it is also important to have at least one hand washing station for every four porta potties unless you rent porta potties with in-unit sinks. Should your event serve food, portable sinks or hand sanitizer stations are a requirement.

What is an ADA portable restroom?

  • ADA-compliant portable restrooms are porta potties designed to accommodate people with disabilities and special needs. They are more spacious than our traditional porta potty rentals and come equipped with features like grab bars and low ground clearance for easy wheelchair access. They are also good for families with young children who need their parents to accompany them. We offer ADA portable restroom rentals as well as ADA accessible portable restroom trailers to accommodate all our customers’ needs.

How do portable restrooms work?

  • Typically, portable restrooms tanks are emptied with a vacuum attached to the porta potty tank via a hose, which sucks the waste into a storage unit mounted onto a truck. The unit is then filled with fresh water and a cleaning chemical solution, and sanitation workers spray down the entirety of the interior to rid it of any bacteria. Then they restock hygienic necessities like toilet paper, and the porta potty is ready for use again, good as new.